Defensive Slide Bar

Defensive Slide Bar

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The Defensive Slide Bar by Coach Lionel Hollins allows coaches, trainers and athletes to activate and strengthen specific muscle groups used during lateral slides, while ensuring proper wide stance foot work.  While suitable for all skill levels in basketball from NBA players to middle and high school, the Defensive Slide Bar can be used for training in any sport that uses side-to-side lateral shuffling or requires lower-limb muscle activity.

The tension and restrictive qualities of the Defensive Slide Bar make it unique and effective.  Initial use of the Defensive Slide Bar:

1. Increases the recruitment of hip abductor, hip extensor, hip flexor, hip external rotator, and knee extensor muscles during side-to-side defensive-style shuffling.

Allows coaches, trainers and athletes to target specific muscles to address athlete weaknesses.

2. Prevents a narrow stance during the return phase of shuffling.

Ensures proper wide stance foot work.

3. Increases the difficulty in stepping out during shuffling.

Promotes a potentially larger training stimulus.

4. Reduces the eccentric demand on lower limb muscles during shuffling.

This might have positive implications for athletes training when they are sore.

For more information on the Defensive Slide Bar and for study results please contact us directly through this website. 

*With your purchase of the Defensive Slide Bar you will receive a free digital download of practice drills designed by Coach Hollins specifically for the slide bar.

**Defensive Slide Bar Patent Pending**