The following guidelines should be observed when using the Defensive Slide Bar:

Always consult with your physician before participating in any physical activity. Read all instructions carefully before using.

Inspect the product for signs of damage or wear prior to each use. Do not use if damaged - replace immediately.

Guaranteed warranty is valid for four months from receipt of product.

This product is not to be modified or altered in any manner. Any such modification or alteration
may affect the integrity and safety of the product and result in a greater risk of injury.

Neither manufacturer nor distributor assumes any liability for personal injury, accidents or damage that may occur by the misuse of this product.

Do not permit any other person to use this product without ensuring that person has carefully
read, understands, and follows the instructions and recommendations in this insert.


All exercises should be performed in an isolated, open area.

Always keep equipment away from small children.

Ensure carabiners are securely fastened when attaching to ankle cuffs.

Store indoors in a cool, dry place. Do not store in direct sunlight.

Exercise on level ground with appropriate clothing and footwear.

Manufacturer suggested replacement is 1 year or sooner as required.
Guaranteed warranty is valid for four months from receipt of product.

Failure to heed disclaimer and warnings may result in risk of injury.


Seller will replace this product if it is found to be defective. It is understood and agreed that seller’s liability with respect to the product sold is restricted to replacement only. You must contact seller with all complaints about this product within four months of receipt of the product by you.


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