Meet Our Defensive Slide Bar

By Lionel Hollins

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You know the phrase...hard work and practice will take you to the next level.  Learn some of the drills Coach Lionel Hollins created for his NBA players.

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As the sports and performance coach at Duke University I use the defensive Slide Bar with both the men's and women's basketball teams for strength training.  I use it in our off-season agility/basketball footwork training.  I also use it in some of our lifting sessions and it has been beneficial for use during rehab with some of our players.  I absolutely love the Defensive Slide Bar and will be ordering more.  It is a device every coach should have to teach proper footwork/movement training.

Will Stephens (Associate Director of Sports Performance Men's & Women's Basketball Duke University)

Lionel Hollins was one of the best defenders I ever played against.  I'm really glad he hadn't invented his Defensive Slide Bar yet when we played against each other or I might have never scored on him!  It is a great tool for teaching and reinforcing good defensive footwork. 

Paul Westphal (Former NBA Player and NBA/NCAA Coach, Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame inductee)

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