About Us

I Train Fundamentals was founded in 2017 by Coach Lionel “Train” Hollins from his desire to help athletes and coaches improve their individual skills, and from his observations throughout his coaching career for the need of fundamentals. If you are a coach like him, you are always looking for ways to help strengthen and train your athletes.  Lionel’s products will help players increase strength and equip them with the fundamental skills that are often lacking in the game today. 

Lionel created I Train Fundamentals and introduced the Defensive Slide Bar to other coaches and athletes after testing and using it with his own NBA players.  Not only have professional athletes used this product, several of the top NCAA men's and women's basketball programs in the country are already using it to train their athletes.  Lionel believes that this product will benefit coaches and athletes of all levels and can be used for training in sports beyond basketball.  As an NBA head coach, NBA Champion and NBA All-Defensive First Team selection, Lionel knows a little about defense and athlete development.  It is his hallmark and passion.  We encourage you to support I Train Fundamentals.

Our Mission

A sports performance company that provides resources for athletes and coaches, through developmental tools, camps, and coaching clinics, to equip them with the basic fundamentals for building a foundation that allows them to maximize the full potential of their abilities.